Program Duration:

Course Duration Fast Track Mode Course Fees
Capsule Course 1 Month / 30 Days 20 Days Rs. 8000
Foundation Course 1.5 Months/ 45 Days 1 Months/ 30 Days Rs. 12000
Certificate Course 3 Months / 90 Days 1.5 Months / 45 days Rs. 20000
Diploma Course 6 Months / 180 Days 3 Months / 90 Days Rs. 30000
Advanced Diploma Course 9 Months 4.5 Months / 135 Days Rs. 45000
*Fee available in installment also. GST 18% applicable(T&C)
*Online Classed & Professional Resume & Career Development Plan
*Interview Prepration & Next Level Career Planning & Placement Assistance

About Course:

Supply chain management is a lifeline of the retail industry. It is an integral part of a business organization. The supply chain refers to a network that creates, deliver and service products. The function of the SCM is imperative to maintain sufficient inventory in turn reducing cost and delays. This involves efficient management skills to co-ordinate the flow of material, information, and finances.

Our advanced diploma in retail SCM and Logistics is designed by keeping in mind the industry’s requirements. The course is strategically designed to apprise the students of key concepts in SCM. It helps to understand the structure and functioning of supply chains in today’s dynamic and global business environment. Our program spans a wide range of Supply Chain strategies, processes, operations management.


Our program is designed to for addressing the growing needs of Supply chain professionals. It helps to understand the functioning of Logistics and SCM. This program can help you to diversify or to take your career to new heights by virtue of the changing business demands. The program creates professionals like you that can fill the gap in the areas that demand specialized personnel, rather than general management professionals.

The Programme Includes:

  • Understanding the concepts of logistics and supply chain operations.
  • Modern techniques and practices used in SCM and logistics in the retail industry.
  • Training in Logistics and SCM.
  • Enhanced interpersonal and communication skills.
  • End-to-end understanding of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the industry and gain a wider perspective.
  • Real-life scenarios, case studies, and simulations.
  • Course Materials specially prepared by SCM veterans and Retails professionals.

Who should apply?

  • Graduates in any stream who want a career in logistics and SCM.
  • SCM professionals at the beginning of their career who aspire to take on senior roles in the future.
  • Freshers who want to pursue their careers in logistics and SCM.

Courses Provided by ARE


Certificate CourseDiploma CourseAdvance Diploma Course
Certificate Course in Supply Chain Management and WarehouseDiploma in Retail & LogisticsAdvanced diploma in SCM, Warehouse  & inventory management
Certificate in Retail Inventory ManagementDiploma in logistics and supply chain management 
 Diploma in retail inventory management & loss prevention 


Note: GST is applicable to courses as per government norms.

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