Career Assessment and Development Plan

In career assessment and Development plan: We at ARE, believe that self-exploration is important, and create time and space for our students to focus on themselves and their futures.

ARE designed an artificial intelligence-based Career assessment process, where a set of tests, tools, and analyses that help a student understand how multiple traits like those of choices, likes & dislikes, personality, etc determine possible success and satisfaction with different career options, and varied work environments. The testing elements in a career assessment are designed to capture your core – your style, your personality, your aptitudes, and more.

We help students to feel confident and informed about their career decisions, then chart a course to achieving their goals.

Career assessments not only help you choose what career or stream is most suitable for you but also promote an understanding of self. Thus you have a better understanding of who you are as a person and your strengths and weaknesses when you go through the analyses and the report. This directly contributes to fitment towards one or more careers. Career assessments also enable life-skills development for students and also suggest the 3 best-suited jobs as per your interest and personality.

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Need Help?
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